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Dec 12 2008

What is a .TEL Domain Name?

.TEL domain names will permit owners to manage and exchange contact information about people and companies. For example, when a .TEL domain name owner gives the domain name to a recipient and the recipient enters it into a mobile device, contact information is integrated into the mobile device. The recipient does not have to update the contact information, since it is updated in real time within the mobile device as the owner updates its own records.

The Sunrise Registration Period

The “Sunrise Registration Period” for .TEL domain names is December 3, 2008 until February 2, 2009. During the Sunrise Registration Period, certain qualified trademark owners may protect their trademark rights by registering one or more associated .TEL domain names. Further, in advance of the Sunrise Registration Period, such trademark owners can pre-book domain name registrations.

Importance of Registering Early

Registrations are awarded to trademark owners on a first come, first served basis; after February 2, 2009, a party without trademark rights can register a .TEL domain name. Accordingly, if you, your clients or your company wish to protect trademark rights and avoid potential future disputes, it is advisable, wherever possible, to register one or more .TEL domain names during the pre-booking phase or early during the Sunrise Registration Period.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding the registration of a .TEL domain name.

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