June 29th is World Industrial Design Day!

Jun 29 2016

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) began in 2007, with a goal to recognize the impact that industrial design has in our every day lives and how it plays an essential role in economic growth.

For 2016, The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) is seeking to recognize young leaders in the world of industrial design who will help shape the future.

Ottawa will also be involved in WIDD, with a city proclamation being signed at City Hall by our very own mayor Jim Watson.

Want to know how you can get involved in WIDD?

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office will be hosting a live Q&A with an industrial design examiner on Facebook. It will be an excellent opportunity for all those wishing to get their questions answered on the application process.

You can also visit the ICSID website to learn about all of the other events taking place worldwide to celebrate World Industrial Design Day.

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