Guest Feature: Breaking the bonds of a traditional chemical career

Nov 05 2018

Kazim Agha loved life in the laboratory, but he vividly recalls how difficult it was to think outside of this setting. That became necessary in 2002, just as he was completing his PhD in chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Masad Damha at McGill University and began contemplating career prospects that would enable him to support his growing young family. As it turned out, the experience provided him with an altogether different educational experience.

Today, Agha is a partner and patent agent in the Toronto offices of Ridout & Maybee LLP, where he deals with topics that range from basic chemistry to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and clean technology. The intricacies of intellectual property might seem far removed from the intricacies of science, he acknowledges, yet he finds himself applying the same interest that originally drew him into chemistry, along with a skill set he developed from pursuing that interest.

To read the full article featuring Kazim in the ACCN (Volume 70, No. 9) please visit the Chemical Institute of Canada‘s website.

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