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Industry Sectors

Electrical & High-Tech

Ridout & Maybee LLP is a leader in electrical related intellectual property matters, with a team of experienced lawyers and patent agents with strong technical backgrounds. With experience spanning all facets of electrical technologies, our professionals have the expertise and technical knowledge to understand your technology.

Our firm is proud to work with inventors, start-ups, large multinational corporations, and everything in between. Our professionals provide support on all types of intellectual property matters, including advising innovators on best methods for protecting inventions, assisting with the prosecution of patents, litigation, providing counselling on intellectual property issues and managing worldwide intellectual property portfolios.

We serve numerous sectors of the high-tech industry, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Semiconductors
  • High-Voltage Engineering
  • Battery Technologies
  • Wireless Technologies

Our representative experience includes:

  • Patenting of robotics technology relating to haptic feedback
  • Patenting of User Interface technologies applied to cell phone devices, wearable devices and hotspot devices
  • Patenting of telecommunication networks
  • Patenting of wireless communication technologies
  • Patenting of optical communication technologies
  • Patenting of integrated circuit designs
  • Patenting of emedicine and robotics-assisted medicine
  • Patenting of automated pipeline monitoring control system
  • Patenting of system-on-a-chip technology
  • Patenting of autonomous aircraft and control systems
  • Patenting of standards related communications technologies
  • Patenting of antenna technology for WiFi and cellular equipment
  • Patenting of diagnostic imaging systems
  • Patenting of medical ablation devices
  • Patenting of computer peripherals
  • Patenting of Serializer/Deserializer technologies
  • Patenting of Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) for high-speed data interfaces
  • Patenting of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies
  • Experience in patent litigation involving Internet fax technology
  • Experience in patent litigation involving messaging and communications, resulting in a $213 million acquisition
  • Experience in patent litigation involving business-to-business distribution of media through the internet. Successful resolution by settlement
  • Experience in patent litigation involving electronic circuitry in fitness equipment, dismissed with costs
  • Advising on patent landscape analysis regarding to technologies applied on cell phone, wearable devices, and hotspot devices
  • Advising on patentability relating to emedicine and robotics-assisted medicine
  • Advising on patentability relating to data management and data storage
  • Advising on IP protection and commercialization strategies, patent drafting and prosecution and managing worldwide patent portfolio for airborne geophysical surveying company
  • Advising on commercialization strategies for autonomous aircraft company in respect of autonomous aircraft and control systems for autonomous aircraft including strategies for obtaining increased funding

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Our People

Ken Bousfield

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Counsel


David Greer

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner*


Kenneth Hanna

Lawyer, Senior Litigator, Trademark Agent - Partner*


Alan Harris

- Articling Student


Katie Jeziorski

Patent Agent Trainee - Associate


Bobby Leung

Lawyer, Patent Agent - Associate


Benjamin Mak

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner


Stephen Martin

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner


Matthew Norwood

Lawyer, Patent Agent - Partner


Christine Wong

Patent Agent - Partner


Zhengxiao (Roy) Yang

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Associate


Stephanie Hazen

Patent Agent