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Nuclear and Hydro Electric Power

Ridout & Maybee LLP represents public and private entities in the nuclear and hydro electric power industries, including power producers, technology companies, and service providers to the nuclear and hydro electric power industries by providing counselling on intellectual property issues and managing their worldwide intellectual property portfolios.

We work with clients in every aspect of the industry, including power generation, power distribution, and the inspection and control of transmission lines and installations. We also have extensive experience in representing nuclear power technology companies in patent litigation proceedings. We understand the special nature of this industry, and use this knowledge to provide the best possible result for our clients.

Our representative experience includes:

  • Patenting of hardware devices and data collection and analysis methods for nuclear power plant safety inspection, including metal scrape analysis of fuel channels and ultrasound inspection of pipe welds
  • Patent litigation in connection with nuclear power plant safety inspection technologies
  • Advising on IP protection and commercialization strategies for nuclear power producers and technology contractors to the nuclear power industry during internal institutional transition from public sector to private sector
  • Advising on IP enforcement strategies within the highly interconnected, highly regulated nuclear power industry
  • Advising on freedom to operate and patentability of technologies related to nuclear power production and nuclear power plant safety and management
  • Patenting of technology for maintenance of nuclear reactor electrical equipment
  • Patenting of technologies for inspection and safety of hydro lines and hydro installations
  • Patenting of technologies for environmental control and cleanup of PCBs and other hazards
  • Patenting of technologies for filtering water at intake and outlets of nuclear and other facilities
  • Patenting of mechanical and high tech tools for electrical equipment

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