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Artificial Intelligence

We represent innovators in artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing advice on the complexities of securing, enforcing, and monetizing meaningful intellectual property protection on key distinguishing components of their technologies, from designing data structures to training processes to deployment. We have been involved in a wide variety of AI applications, including those for smart phones, autonomous vehicles, oil and gas technologies, and cannabis production.

Our representative experience includes:

  • Patenting of autonomous vehicle technology, including radar-based mapping, path planning and navigation
  • Patenting of natural-language search technology
  • Patenting of autonomous aircraft and control systems
  • Patenting of machine learning systems
  • Patenting of dataset development for neural network training
  • Advising on developing global portfolio off relating to use of AI and historical data to plan future medical procedures
  • Advising on IP protection and commercialization strategies, conducting patentability searching, and providing infringement opinions for Internet-of-Things (IoT) based artificial intelligence

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Our People

Marco Clementoni

Patent Agent - Associate


David Greer

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner*


Alan Harris

Lawyer - Articling Student


Katie Jeziorski

Patent Agent Trainee - Associate


Benjamin Mak

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner


Stephen Martin

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner


Christine Wong

Patent Agent - Partner


Zhengxiao (Roy) Yang

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Associate


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The current role that Artificial Intelligence plays in society can be summarised by a single quote – “AI is the new electricity.” According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, AI patents are already being filed for applications in some of the world’s largest industries such as transportation, telecommunications, education, and business.

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