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Industry Sectors

Agriculture & Forestry

Ridout & Maybee LLP is a leading Canadian intellectual property law firm serving the agricultural sector.

We represent top Canadian and international agricultural companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, as well as universities, government agencies, industrial associations, and individuals. We are experienced in assisting these entities in securing, protecting, enforcing, and monetizing intellectual property.

Our professionals have degrees and decades of experience in plant agriculture, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, chemical engineering, molecular biology and genetics, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

We have patent drafting and prosecution experience in a wide variety of subject matter, including:

  • Modified genes conferring desired characteristics to plants
  • Gene transfer, expression, and modification methodologies for use in agriculture
  • New process for converting agricultural waste to commercially viable products
  • Modified cells conferring desired characteristics to plants
  • Methods for modifying plant cells
  • New methods for processing food products
  • Plant breeder’s rights
  • Machineries for use in the agricultural sector
  • Fertilizer and pesticide nanoencapsulation technologies

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Our People

Kazim Agha

Patent Agent - Partner


Timothy Bourne

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner


Ken Bousfield

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Counsel


Dino Clarizio

Lawyer, Senior Litigator, Patent and Trademark Agent - Partner


Peter Everitt

Lawyer, Patent & Trademark Agent - Partner*