Mechanical Technologies & Industrial Processes


We represent Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and innovators in the automotive sector by providing advice on intellectual property issues, drafting and prosecuting patent applications for original components, systems, and methods of manufacture having automotive applications, and coordinating with foreign counsel to manage worldwide intellectual property portfolios for our clients.

It is an exciting time in the automotive sector as we witness the industry move its focus towards vehicle electrification, autonomous driving, and improved performance, efficiency and sustainability in light of increasing environmental concerns. Our professionals have been involved in advising clients how best to build their patent portfolio and secure their IP position within the marketplace as emerging technologies and innovation related to electrification, artificial intelligence, software, technology and the environment come to the forefront of the industry.

Our firm size allows for and thrives on collaboration between professionals between industry groups to draw on the varied skills and experience of our professionals to ensure that our client’s needs are met as we face the industry-shift together.

Our representative experience includes:

  • Patenting of heat exchangers for battery thermal management applications
  • Patenting of electric motors and electric drivetrain components
  • Patenting of fuel cells and fuel cell assemblies
  • Patenting of valve mechanisms for thermal bypass applications
  • Patenting of heat exchangers for engine oil and transmission oil cooling applications
  • Patenting of exhaust gas heat recovery devices and related applications
  • Patenting of brazing technologies and brazing sheet products for use in the manufacture of heat exchanger components
  • Patenting of active converter dolly for tractor-trailer vehicles
  • Patenting of vehicle headache racks and related fastening systems
  • Patenting of fuel efficiency optimization apparatuses for tractor-trailer vehicles
  • Patenting of anti-jackknifing control apparatuses
  • Patenting of yard shifters for use with tractor trailer vehicles
  • Advising on global patent portfolio strategies to ensure our clients are well-positioned in the global automotive marketplace
  • Assessing competitors’ products when faced with infringement concerns and providing infringement opinions
  • Providing validity opinions to evaluate the strength of our clients’ patent portfolios and those of competitors
  • Consulting on trade secret strategies and management
  • Providing in-house seminars and working directly with in-house counsel and onsite inventors to assist in developing invention mining and IP procurement strategies that are particularly suited to a company’s workplace environment

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