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Trade Secrets

There are many ways in which a company can lose competitive ground through improperly protected trade secrets.  Confidential information is often the key to what separates one company’s products and services from another – yet trade secret protection is easily lost if not managed properly.

We assist clients with identifying, managing and protecting their trade secrets.  This includes drafting employee agreements and policies, advising on procedures, reviewing marketing and trade show materials.  We also act as counsel regarding trade secret disputes and litigation.

Below are links to our trade secrets professionals.

Name Email Phone Location
Charness, Mitchell B. - Partner* mcharness@ridoutmaybee.com  613-566-2052  Ottawa 
Everitt, Peter R. - Partner* peveritt@ridoutmaybee.com  905-363-3630  Mississauga 
Fuhrer, Janet M. - Partner* jfuhrer@ridoutmaybee.com  613-236-8804  Ottawa 
Gallie, Marcus - Partner* mgallie@ridoutmaybee.com  613-566-2057  Ottawa 
Gold, Elliott J. - Partner egold@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3528  Toronto 
Graham, Rob - Counsel rgraham@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3533  Toronto 
Greer, David - Partner* dgreer@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3503  Toronto 
Hanna, Kenneth D. - Partner* khanna@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3504  Toronto 
Heller, David J. - Partner* dheller@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3505  Toronto 
Kaikai, Andrew - Associate akaikai@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8013  Ottawa 
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