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Information Technology

Ridout & Maybee LLP information technology and software professionals are comprised of a diverse group of legal experts and technical consultants.

Their services include:

  • Preparing and enforcing patents;
  • Registering and enforcing copyright;
  • Registering domain names;
  • Negotiating and reviewing licensing and disclosure agreements;
  • Resolving domain name disputes.

    Below are links to our information technology professionals.
  • Name Email Phone Location
    Charness, Mitchell B. - Partner* mcharness@ridoutmaybee.com  613-566-2052  Ottawa 
    Chin, Giselle - Associate gchin@ridoutmaybee.com  905-363-3625  Mississauga 
    Fuhrer, Janet M. - Partner* jfuhrer@ridoutmaybee.com  613-236-8804  Ottawa 
    Gallie, Marcus - Partner* mgallie@ridoutmaybee.com  613-566-2057  Ottawa 
    Gold, Elliott J. - Partner egold@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3528  Toronto 
    Graham, Rob - Counsel rgraham@ridoutmaybee.com  416-868-1482  Toronto 
    Greer, David - Partner* dgreer@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3503  Toronto 
    Hanna, Kenneth D. - Partner* khanna@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3504  Toronto 
    Langan, Christopher - Associate clangan@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3529  Toronto 
    Maravei, Daphne L. - Partner dmaravei@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8015  Ottawa 
    Martin, Stephen - Partner smartin@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3508  Toronto 
    Mauthe, Joy - Associate jmauthe@ridoutmaybee.com  613-907-7148  Ottawa 
    Norwood, Matthew - Associate mnorwood@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3523  Toronto 
    Rush, Stacy - Technical Consultant srush@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3510  Toronto 
    Wong, Christine - Associate cwong@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3511  Toronto 
    Yang, Zhengxiao (Roy) - Associate ryang@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8016  Ottawa 
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