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Our Professionals

The lawyers and patent and trade-mark agents at Ridout & Maybee LLP bring both legal expertise and real-world industry knowledge to work for our clients.  Many of our professionals were leaders in their technical field prior to working in intellectual property law, and hold advanced degrees and certifications.

What this means for our clients is that working with our professionals is like working with an internal team – we understand the individual challenges our clients face, the industry environment they confront, and what it takes to succeed.

Our professionals take pride in being partners in their clients’ success, and playing a key role in driving and sustaining their business. 

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Name Email Phone Location
Agha, Kazim - Partner* kagha@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3512  Toronto 
Boulakia, Charles A. - Partner cboulakia@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3518  Toronto 
Bourne, Timothy C. - Partner tbourne@ridoutmaybee.com  613-236-3807  Ottawa 
Charness, Mitchell B. - Partner* mcharness@ridoutmaybee.com  613-566-2052  Ottawa 
Chin, Giselle - Associate gchin@ridoutmaybee.com  905-363-3625  Mississauga 
Climie, Colin C. - Associate cclimie@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3519  Toronto 
Everitt, Peter R. - Partner* peveritt@ridoutmaybee.com  905-363-3630  Mississauga 
Forrest, Gregory - Associate gforrest@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3539  Toronto 
Fuhrer, Janet M. - Partner* jfuhrer@ridoutmaybee.com  613-236-8804  Ottawa 
Gallie, Marcus - Partner* mgallie@ridoutmaybee.com  613-566-2057  Ottawa 
Gold, Elliott J. - Partner egold@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3528  Toronto 
Gowan, Gerald - Counsel ggowan@ridoutmaybee.com  905-363-3629  Mississauga 
Graham, Rob - Counsel rgraham@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3533  Toronto 
Greer, David - Partner* dgreer@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3503  Toronto 
Hanna, Kenneth D. - Partner* khanna@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3504  Toronto 
Heller, David J. - Partner* dheller@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3505  Toronto 
Joachim, Roland H. - Partner* rjoachim@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3507  Toronto 
Kaikai, Andrew - Associate akaikai@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8013  Ottawa 
Langan, Christopher - Associate clangan@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3529  Toronto 
Leach, Steven - Partner* sleach@ridoutmaybee.com  905-363-3620  Mississauga 
Ma, Ken - Associate kma@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8014  Ottawa 
Mak, Benjamin E. - Partner bmak@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3502  Toronto 
Maravei, Daphne L. - Partner dmaravei@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8015  Ottawa 
Martin, Stephen - Partner smartin@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3508  Toronto 
Mauthe, Joy - Associate jmauthe@ridoutmaybee.com  613-907-7148  Ottawa 
Montague, Andrew - Associate amontague@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8007  Ottawa 
Norwood, Matthew - Associate mnorwood@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3523  Toronto 
Pitkin, Joanna - Associate jpitkin@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3545  Toronto 
Rush, Stacy - Associate srush@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3510  Toronto 
Tackaberry, D. Paul - Counsel ptackaberry@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3526  Toronto 
Townsend, Victoria A. - Associate vtownsend@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3530  Toronto 
Wong, Christine - Associate cwong@ridoutmaybee.com  416-865-3511  Toronto 
Yang, Zhengxiao (Roy) - Associate ryang@ridoutmaybee.com  613-288-8016  Ottawa 
Zahl, Adrian - Partner* azahl@ridoutmaybee.com  613-236-2022  Ottawa 
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